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the bad guy stole ur internets!!! fite his Evil Robot Army!!! 

Basic Bot is a dumb shooter game that will make you think back to those Newgrounds days when you played dumb shooter games. It has lame voice acting, poor visual quality, and weird bugs you're sure you could've avoided if you were making the game yourself! But, like those dumb games on Newgrounds and miscellaneous obscure game-sharing sites, it has its charm, even as a prototype. What's better than shooting evil robots?

So get your basic thinking cap on, equip your underpowered gun, and start shooting robots, or the Half-Hearted Bad Guy will take over the world! 

If you need to suggest something, or chat about the game, or tell me how much the game sucks, go to the Basic Bot discord server, where you can do all this and more! 

Development log